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About Us

The New Bar for Engagement

AI Bringing EQ Back into Cold Outreach

The Silent Advocate for Prospects and Customers

AMPED is finding the voice of your customers and allowing your company to communicate in the way that corresponds with your prospect or customer

Get More Meetings

Your prospects want to talk; AMPED helps you find the channel and cadence to establish trusted conversations.

Build Relationships at Scale 

We help organizations find their customers, reach out and building meaning relationships at scale

Meaningful Data 

AMPED data can change the trajectory of your Marketing and outreach Strategy by giving you meaningful information about an individual not an ICP.

Customer Success

Our team will help you through the process of building an enterprise wide program 

Unprecedented Results. Impeccable Service 

AMPED customers have achieved unprecedented results by focusing on creating a trusted connection with their target personas. AMPED takes communication to the next level by helping customers not only identify with their personas but also connect on a personal level with people.

AMPED is changing the marketing world forever - because of this, AMPED customers are assured that promoting their product or service is successful and building customer relationships is prioritized. AMPED recognizes the power of communication and works to maximize success for customer results.

We Take Pride in What We DO


Network Connections Made


Trusted Conversations


Salesforce Integration



Microsoft Integration

In The Enterprise

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Tel: 650-888-0870

AMPED Marketing, Inc. Sole owner of website 

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